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Whether you own a recording studio, or you are looking to quiet the different areas of your home, investing in acoustic soundproofing is a superior solution. 

The expert contractors at Steele Construction Corp. have spent years working in this industry. We have a keen understanding of the science of acoustics and work within both commercial and residential settings across Boulder

We will take the time to understand your sound insulation goals and install soundproofing that meets your needs and budget. 

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While noise easily bounces off hard surfaces, all sound must be absorbed somewhere at some point. Soundproofing helps to absorb this sound and reduce the transmission of noise between rooms. 

There are many reasons why a business owner or homeowner may decide to install soundproof insulation. While soundproofing can be incorporated around doors, windows, and between ceilings and floors, perhaps the most beneficial place to install this insulation is between walls. Walls take up a large area, and equipping them with quality insulation will make a significant impact on noise reduction.

Everyone has unique needs when it comes to soundproofing, and our contractors are here to listen to yours, so if you have questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to bring them forward. 

Sound Deadening Insulation for the Home

Whether you share a wall with noisy neighbors, your teen stays up late listening to music, or you want to increase the peace in your home, adding soundproofing is a great solution. 

While there are many different materials that our company uses to install soundproofing in the home, there are three main qualities that soundproofing must-have, including:

  • Mass – so it is less likely to vibrate
  • Gapless – so that sound cannot pass through holes or cracks
  • And it should help isolate the sound

Our contractors will carefully investigate where the sound is coming from and understand the most effective location and material to soundproof your home.

While installing insulation in your home can be an invasive process, our contractors work to make the installation as quick and straightforward as possible. 

We will clean up your home when the process is complete and leave it in better condition than we found it. 

Soundproofing for Businesses

Investing in high-quality soundproofing is especially crucial for business owners, especially in specific industries. 

Healthcare, counseling, and other clinics, for example, rely on privacy. If your clients can hear each other discussing their personal needs through the door or walls, this confidentiality is undermined. 

Many unique business models can benefit from soundproofing. If you want to learn the best options for your commercial space, please book a consultation with our team today. 

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